the need2book service is offered as 2 options. ad hoc events are focused on one off or irregularly scheduled events and are offered on a prepaid basis. if you need to offer recurring events, on a regular schedule, we offer a monthly subscription with usage based pricing.

recurring events

if you are wanting to list your venue on need2book and host regular or scheduled events we work on a monthly subscription system, no long contracts so you can cancel anytime. you get to host an unlimited number of events and pricing is based on your venue size, we will send you a bill for the sms’s you use during the month.

we will also give you a customised event listing page on the platform:


R99.00 pm

  • 100 seat capacity
  • R0.23 per message
  • 1 venue
  • unlimited events
  • email support


R199.00 pm

  • 500 seat capacity
  • R0.23 per message
  • 3 venues
  • unlimited events
  • email support


R349.00 pm

  • 1000 seat capacity
  • R0.23 per message
  • 5 venues
  • unlimited events
  • email support

please contact us if you have larger site or venue requirements and we will create you a custom plan

compare plans

lite basic pro enterprise
venues 1 3 5 unlimited
maximum seats per venue 100 500 1000 unlimited
admin users 1 2 5 unlimited
event calendar downloads
event pages

ad-hoc events

if you are hosting a one off or not regularly scheduled regular events then we recommend our pay as you go option, we have kept it simple so its super easy to use. You pre pay for sms bundles and events and you use them as you need them, there is no time limit and they never expire.

sms bundles

bundle cost per bundle
100 message tokens R23.00
500 message tokens R115.00
1000 message tokens R230.00
1000+ message tokens contact us

all message tokens are priced at R0.23 including VAT per message tokens and sold in bundles of tokens

event bundles

bundle cost per bundle
1 event bundle R99.00
2 event bundle R198.00
5 event bundle R495.00
5+ event bundle contact us

all events are priced at R99.00 including VAT per event credit and sold in bundles