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how it works

need2book brings provides a simple portal to allow you to manage all your events, and ensure that you remain COVID complient by capturing the required details from anyone wishing to attend your event, and giving you a secure, always available view of your event attendance.

need2book offers both prepaid bundles and month to month packages, to suit both your event size, number of events, and your budget. prepaid bundles never expire, and there are no contracts.

we also give your listing a customised event listing page on the platform:

with both options we will give you access to our constantly evolving backend system and dashboard where you can add new sites and events. you can also see who has booked for your events and print out attendance lists.

makes sense, how do I list my event?

this is very straightforward, simply click on the button to the right, (it may be below if you are on your phone) and complete the simple form. someone from our team will get back to you within 24 hours