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welcome to need2book

we are so pleased that you are using our platform to make your booking.

if you are booking to attend an event here is what you need to do:

pop onto the apple app store or google play store and download our app. it’s free and easy to use. register for the first time and thereafter you will have everything at your fingertips on the go! you will have all the events currently on the “go” or if you are looking for a particular event or want to book for a trip, something to eat, find accommodation; you will find what you are looking for all in one spot. we will also keep you up to date with all new events, specials or any areas of interest that you highlight.

you can also head over to the home page, click on the listing, select the location and then choose your event. fill in your details and we will SMS you a reference number confirming your attendance.

if you need to cancel, click on the cancel booking link, put in your reference number and you will receive a cancellation SMS confirming your cancellation.

to have a look at other events, please head back over the book page to have a look at all events listed on our platform.

how it works

browse our events, find the one your are looking for, and book. It's that simple

so, are you hosting an event or wanting to get your venue onto the need2book listing?